Buying a Home in Palm Beach County

Searching Homes for Sale in Palm Beach Searching homes for sale in Palm Beach County just got easier. One of the best things to happen to real estate in the past few years is the map search. It’s a Google Earth Map which shows all of the homes for sale in Palm Beach County. You […]

What is a Short Sale

A Short Sale occurs when the balance owed on a home mortgage exceeds the market value of the property. This leaves sellers with the unfortunate choice of having to remain in a home that no longer fits them and they can no longer afford or attempting a short sale. A Short Sale requires your short sale-experienced […]

Are You Getting a Good Deal on Your New Home?

The Southeastern U.S. economy grew modestly in 2013 thanks to the strengthening of South Florida’s housing market. 2013 began with significant investor activity in South Florida due to an increase in international sales from Latin America. Most of those transactions were cash sales. Even with the improving housing market in South Florida, consumers are still […]

Moving from New York to Florida?


Tired of Cold in New York? Move from New York to Florida Why do so many people move from New York to Florida? According to the national census bureau about 630 people moved to Florida every day. In 2013, that number neared 1000 people per day moved to Florida. People from nearly every state in […]

Open Houses: Are They Worth the Time and Effort?

Open Houses

Open Houses: Speak with individuals who have actually been around the real estate block a time or more, and you’ll obtain incredibly solid viewpoints on this apparently harmless subject. You will hear two main responses about Open Houses: 1. Open Houses are an overall wild-goose chase that never ever really result in sales and are […]

Florida Property Investing Made Simple


Florida Property Investing Made Simple Florida property investing has actually become much more prominent over the last decade and has become as common as purchasing a brand-new car. A lot of investors are capitalizing on the possibility of easy earnings and assets development at the very same time. In addition, it’s a wonderful means to enhance […]

Buying a Home After Bankruptcy

Buying a Home After Bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy And Acquiring a Residence- Kinds of Post-Bankruptcy Home loan Loans Purchasing a residence after a personal bankruptcy does not restrict the sorts of home loan loans you could get. If anything, you have even more financing choices with subprime lending institutions. Nonetheless, relying on exactly how quickly your personal bankruptcy was solved, you […]

Make Your Home Stand Out

Make Your Home Stand Out

Make a Lasting Impression People shopping for a home often drive around neighborhoods and look for “For Sale” signs. What is the first thing they see? The outside of the homes, right? These home shoppers are probably making a list of addresses of the homes they want to see the inside of or collecting information […]

When Homeowners Become Seriously Delinquent

Homeowners RealtyFox Team

What happens when homeowners become seriously delinquent? What happens when homeowners become seriously delinquent or cannot make their payments on loans from the bank for a property they are buying? The property is given back to the bank and it becomes a short sale. Although the bank will try to sell and collect for the […]

Is a Condo Right for You?


Is a Condo Really What You’re Looking For? There are a number of types of homes you can buy when you’re ready to own a a place of your own. Many people enjoy the maintenance-free lifestyle that an apartment can provide but prefer to invest their monthly payments in a place they own rather than […]