Pros and Cons of Purchasing an Aged Home

Aged Home has Potential

Pros and Cons of Purchasing an Aged Home An aged home is like a fine wine, it gets better with time. Okay, some aged homes become better with time. It really comes down to each person’s point of view. Purchasing a home can be the most exciting and challenging time of your life. Whether it […]

ARM – Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Buying A Home With An Adjustable Rate Mortgage An adjustable rate mortgage or ARM is a loan with an interest rate that periodically changes. The majority of ARMs have a lower monthly payment amount in the beginning compared to a fixed rate loan as the interest rate is generally lower. However, before you start looking […]

Closing Procedure

What Happens Throughout Closing Procedure? The laws where the property is located, determines who handles the closing procedure and the closing procedure itself. The recording of the deed and exchange of the title from seller to buyer or lien holder, are pretty much the same no matter where you buy a home. Closing procedure may […]

How Much Home is Too Much?

How Much Home is Too Much?

Just How Much Space Do You Require? While the house purchasing market has actually experienced troubles since 2008, it is still an essential component of individuals’s lives, at least in the U.S. Individuals still desire the American Dream of having a home of their very own and are delighted at the prospect. Being a little […]

Moving Day Tips

Preparing for Moving Day Moving day can be exciting and stressful at the same time. There’s a lot of work to be done but, you are about to add your own style to a brand new place to call home. Whether you’ve decided to hire a moving company or get together a group of friends […]

Home Mortgage Refinance Tips

What Is a Mortgage Refinance? A Mortgage Refinance is a second mortgage on a home that pays off the first mortgage, typically with a lower interest rate than the first. A mortgage refinance works the same way that a first mortgage does. The homeowner must get approval from the lender and agree to the home […]

Tips to Keep Kitchen Remodeling Costs Minimal

kitchen remodel

Before you put that For Sale sign on your front lawn, consider doing some kitchen remodeling that can add at least $50,000 to the price tag. Kitchen remodeling is among the most expensive remodeling projects you can choose to do. If you can keep your kitchen remodeling costs under $20,000 you are doing well. The national […]

How to Qualify for a FHA Home Loan

Why the Sudden Popularity in a FHA Home Loan? The FHA increased their lending limits, home prices are lower than they were before 2009 and low down payments have made a FHA home loan more popular recently. Due to the changes in the housing market and within FHA, more home qualify for a FHA home […]

Difference Between Sale on Contract and Rent to Own

People are usually confused when trying to determine the difference between sale on contract and rent-to-own residential property. Buying a home on a contract is often referred to as owner-financing. Selling a home on a rent-to-own basis is often called purchase-leases or lease-options sales. Both of these may seem similar at first but, in reality, […]

Home Appraisal 9 Things a Home Appraiser Looks For

If you are thinking about selling your Florida Home, the best place to start is with a home appraisal. When you price your home according to what other comparable home in your area are selling for, you could be selling yourself short. There are nine main things an appraiser looks for that can make the […]