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Wellington hosts both the Winter Equestrian Festival and many other equestrian season competitions each season. The largest horse show in the world is hosted here from January to April and it is considered the top international equestrian season destination for the disciplines of show jumping, dressage, and polo. The winter equestrian season show crowd is very much an international, wealthy, and famous group. Every Sunday during the equestrian season, you can find a polo match at the International Polo Club including the championship matches of USPA Piaget Gold Cup and the Nespresso U.S. Polo Open.

Equestrian Homes for Rent in Wellington

Seasonal homes for rent in Wellington range from small condos where you can rent stalls for your horses to very large estate homes with acreage and paddocks. You can find wonderful homes for rent in the Wellington Aero Club with a hangar for your airplane, or you can find homes for rent in other farm areas like Palm Beach Point where you would find large homes with stables and arenas on five and ten acre plots. Either way, the perfect working farm is never far away with all of your requirements because there are plenty farms in Wellington with complete state of the art sand rings with turnout arenas, paddocks, and horse barns.

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Wellington Equestrian Season Rentals





Wellington equestrian season properties are generally provided as seasonal rentals but occasionally can be rented year round. Over the past 10 years, Wellington, as a village, has bloomed. There are about 50,000 people living in Wellington but during the peak equestrian season from January to April, the number goes up to about 300,000. The huge influx of people is due to the equestrian season sports crowd and has the effect of increasing interest and desirability for equestrian season rentals in the area; hence, the best time to shop for seasonal rentals is after April and before October.

Wellington Florida is a Great Place to Live

Wellington Florida has been in a real estate boom for the past 10 years because of the equestrian areas. The international crowd and people from northern states have taken a liking to the area for more reasons than just the great horse sports season. Residents of Wellington Florida don’t pay a state income tax, there is a private airport community for airplane and helicopter owners to keep their planes (RealtyFox can help you get prior permission), Wellington also has plenty of restaurants with top chefs from around the world, a number of public parks and ball fields, The Mall at Wellington Green, and the Wellington Amphitheater.

Wellington is an Equestrian Paradise

Equestrian Seasonal Rentals Wellington FLWellington wasn’t originally a farming area in the 1950’s when Charles Oliver Wellington, an accountant from Boston purchased the land for a farming venture. And it wasn’t equestrian in the 1980’s when the Gould family tried to create an Indy car community with a private airport so they could fly in and race their cars around the winding streets. Wellington only became a farming area in the 1990’s when the polo crowd moved west to take advantage of the sod farms that made great polo fields. And now, the weather is perfect for riding on the miles of scenic bridle trails all year round, horse stable facilities are common and some of the best equine medical professionals live and work here.