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William Thomas RealtyFox Broker

William Thomas
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William’s real estate career started when he worked as a bank attorney for about seven years, doing real estate closings and foreclosures. In fact, he did more closings than most real estate attorneys will ever do in their career, about 10,000. Subsequently, William Thomas founded a factoring company and worked as the attorney and manager for that company, building the business rapidly over 12 years. That business still exists today and runs with very little input from William, which allows him to focus on the RealtyFox, his clients and his real estate agents.

William M. Thomas is an attorney in New York and Florida, and a Florida real estate broker. He works as a real estate broker and specializes in selling businesses, commercial properties, and high end residential and equestrian properties in Wellington Florida.

Mr. Thomas started his career in aviation as a Charter Pilot and Flight Instructor. Today, however, he lives in Wellington at the Aero Club.

His NY based law practice does collections for a factoring business that he also built from the ground up. Both businesses run with very little input from him today. For the past several years, he has focused on the Florida law practice which has handled multi million dollar business and commercial closings. During that time, his interaction with other brokerages and title companies made it clear that there was a need for his services as a real estate broker.

His competitive edge in the industry proved true and it didn’t take him long to form a bond with the equestrian community.  The nature of the equestrian properties; their high values, the zoning issues, tenants, and mixed use, makes them a challenge that he enjoys as an attorney and a broker. He named his brokerage RealtyFox because it’s fun, easy to remember and makes a great website name.

If you are looking to sell or buy a home in a Wellington equestrian community, then Mr. Thomas’s experience is unmatched; likewise, if you are looking to sell or buy a home in any community in Palm Beach County, his passion and experience is yours for the taking. He is happy to dole out advice or assistance to anybody who asks for it. When you call or email him, you can expect to speak with a courteous, responsive, and professional real estate broker.

Bill is not only highly skilled in so many areas, he is a honest and trustworthy. I have had the privilege of working with him in several capacities and on each occasion, have appreciated his exceptional efforts.” ~Daniel Rosenbaum 

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