Moving Day Tips

Preparing for Moving Day

Moving day can be exciting and stressful at the same time. There’s a lot of work to be done but, you are about to add your own style to a brand new place to call home. Whether you’ve decided to hire a moving company or get together a group of friends and family, here are some tips to help your moving day go more smoothly.

Floor Plan

Most of us, when looking at places to buy, are already picturing where our furniture and belongs will go. Draw a floor plan and sketch in where you would like your furnishings to go so that there is no confusion. This is very helpful when it comes time for the heavy things and the people that have to carry them. They will be put furniture and boxes exactly where you want them to and save you the trouble of having to move them. It also helps to avoid scratching floors, from having to rearrange the heavy stuff yourself. Everyone will know exactly what room and what place each item belongs.

Packing and Unpacking

Try to do a clean out of your home before you start packing anything. Get rid of anything you may not use, have not used in a long time or just don’t want anymore. Have a yard sale, money made here could help with any moving costs, or donate these items to a local charity. Now that clutter is cleaned out, start packing room by room and make sure you label all your boxes according to the room. This will prove to be very helpful during the actual move.

If you have hired a moving company to do the packing, it is still necessary that you are there during the packing, picking up, delivery and unpacking of your things. You’ll want to be available to handle any questions and to be certain everything is packed properly.  The moving company should have an inventory list for you, do not sign anything until you are positive that the inventory list is complete, correct and legible.

Friends and Family

If you’ve enlisted friends or have gotten volunteers to help you with your moving day, you should have all your boxes packed and ready to go before they arrive to help move your belongings to your new home. Out of courtesy, please do not expect them to pack for you. You will be able to assign certain helpers to certain rooms or items to be moved accordingly and this will also make moving day smooth and quick. To show your appreciation, have food and drink available for them, especially if the move runs into lunch or dinner times. Pizza delivery is absolutely wonderful for times such as these.

Children and Pets

You may consider hiring a babysitter or pet sitter for moving day. The pet will not know what’s going on and may not take too kindly to the hustle and bustle or to the strangers coming into their territory. You would’nt want your four-legged family members to escape through an open door. Children may be excited about getting a new bedroom or home but they do have short attention spans and are even shorter on patience than most adults. Children and pets can get under-foot and cause injury to helpers or them selves. Finding a sitter will be beneficial for you as well, leaving you to focus just on moving day and what needs to be done.


You’ll definitely want to make sure there is sufficient parking at an optimal spot for you and your movers. Nothing is more frustrating than having to carry a couch down a half a block to load or unload. Depending on what type of home you are moving out of or into, try to reserve any parking spots for moving day ahead of time, if necessary.