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The more active or volatile the economy is, the more important familiarity and stability become, especially in real estate. People want to know about their safest options and most promising opportunities and they need to know that the information is reliable and responsible. When you require an objective, professional opinion, you need to trust your source and be confident in their credibility.

We work hard to earn your confidence and trust, and are always available to help you in every possible way. It’s our way of providing stability for our clients, and maintaining stability in business, no matter what the economy is like. And should you direct referrals my way, we would be delighted to provide the same service, advice and assistance to the people you’ve entrusted to us.

These days, it’s important to know you can count on someone. We want to be that someone for you!

William Thomas

Founder – Broker – Agent – Attorney

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New York to Florida

Moving from New York to Florida?


Tired of Cold in New York? Move from New York to Florida

Why do so many people move from New York to Florida? According to the national census bureau about 630 people moved to Florida every day. In 2013, that number neared 1000 people per day moved to Florida. People from nearly every state in the U.S. plus people from many other countries are moving to Florida on a daily basis. With these staggering numbers, one must ask the question, “Why Florida?”

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Open House

Open Houses: Are They Worth the Time and Effort?

Open Houses:

Speak with individuals who have actually been around the real estate block a time or more, and you’ll obtain incredibly solid viewpoints on this apparently harmless subject.

You will hear two main responses about Open Houses:

1. Open Houses are an overall wild-goose chase that never ever really result in sales and are mainly a method for agents to meet new customers who are also possible purchasers or sellers.

2. Open Houses are an essential foundation of introducing a home to the marketplace which, consequently, is a must for selling a residence at top dollar and quickly.

Before you decide if Open Houses are worth your time or just wasting it, take the following into consideration.

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Florida Property Investing Made Simple

Florida Property Investing Made Simple

Florida property investing has actually become much more prominent over the last decade and has become as common as purchasing a brand-new car. A lot of investors are capitalizing on the possibility of easy earnings and assets development at the very same time. In addition, it’s a wonderful means to enhance your financial portfolio.

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