Pros and Cons of Purchasing an Aged Home

Pros and Cons of Purchasing an Aged Home

Aged Home has Potential

Can you see the potential in this very large aged home fixer upper?

An aged home is like a fine wine, it gets better with time. Okay, some aged homes become better with time. It really comes down to each person’s point of view.

Purchasing a home can be the most exciting and challenging time of your life. Whether it is falling in love with the charm of an older home, taking in the feeling of accomplishment of building your own or enjoying the conveniences of a modern home, it is important to do your homework. There are pro’s and con’s to every home option, but here are a few unique things to consider before purchasing an aged home.

Uniqueness – Pro

Throw out the cookie-cutter house plans as the old-timers wouldn’t have gone in for such a thing.

Special details like handcrafted wood trim around windows and doors, antique fixtures and traditionally large kitchens all add character to an aged home. These were definitely touches of fine craftsmanship and hard work that were all a part of building homes in the early years. Most homes built today can’t even come close to such originality.

Sturdy Construction – Pro

Aged homes have often with-stand father time and mother-nature. In the time that some of these homes were built, money was not as easy to come by and the getting a loan was a lot harder than it is today. It was not uncommon for the homeowner to build the home himself with the help of family and friends. Great accomplishment comes with great pride and it often showed in the fine details of their construction.

Mature Landscaping – Pro

Fully mature trees, bushes and flowers that bloom every year on their own, are all something that only time and TLC can give you. In many cases, mature landscaping is part of the charm in an aged home.

Neighborhood Stability – Pro or Con

Most areas and neighborhoods with aged homes are already well established. They are often considered historical areas where the homes are preserved as close to original as possible. Their natural beauty and history will remain for as long as time will let them. On the flip-side, many aged homes can be found in poor, run-down areas of cities or towns. These areas often have high crime rates and the aged homes are usually beyond the basic fixer upper.

Maintenance – Con

Obviously, homes built in the earlier years are not exactly what you would be accustomed to today. Many have not been updated to “code” with electrical wiring, plumbing and energy efficient appliances. If you decide to buy an aged home and update it, you will have to absorb the cost of any improvements you’d like to add. Maintenance on current plumbing, sewer, etc or removal of lead paint and/or asbestos could prove to be more costly that it is worth, depending on how well the home was taken care of throughout the years.

Storage Space – Con

Less storage space and smaller closets, or even lack of closets, may not be very appealing to many home buyers today. Most storage needed for items such as canned staples, garden vegetables or other items were preserved in cellars instead of a pantry. Closets were not typically part of the original construction, but were stand-along furniture pieces call wardrobe closets. By today’s standards, a room cannot even be listed as a bedroom unless it has a built-in closet.

Price and Location – Con

In some cases, depending on where and what city, aged homes can be more expensive to purchase. Most aged homes were built on much larger parcels of land than the typical home today. Homes deemed historical are often of higher value and price. Aged homes are often passed down from generation to generation and have sentimental value to the seller, making negotiation more difficult.

Home Layout and Design – Con

Many aged homes were not built with an open floor plan, but had many walls and a door to every room. Doors were often narrower than today and many walls with corners make it difficult to move in the large furnishings that are common today. In order to create more space, there is a solution but that may mean you may also have to absorb costs to tear down walls and open up smaller rooms making them larger to accommodate modern living needs.

Home buying is a great and rewarding experience and any home may have things you like and don’t like about it. Most people either love the idea of owning an aged home or they never consider the thought. If an aged home is your preference, then go for it. After all, your home is where your heart is.