Targeting Home Value

Setting a Target Home Value

Finding and setting your home value is the first step to selling your home. While home value in Palm Beach can fluctuate every few months, it’s important to do a thorough check prior to listing your home for sale. Our agents are trained to use comparative home value in conjunction with a current market trend evaluation. Combining the two allows you to get a serious target sale value for you home.

Real Estate Agents are a Great Resource

You can always call to speak to one of our real estate agents. They will be happy to help you with figuring your home value or to answer your questions, and you will never be pressured to list your home. You can also contact one of our real estate agents by email if you prefer at or fill out the contact form on this website. To obtain an online home value report, please use the valuation form to the best of your ability and let us know how we can contact you. One of our real estate agents will get back to you the same day.

Palm Beach County Homes Advertised Online

When you list your Palm Beach home with RealtyFox, we send your listing to as many as 30 real estate websites giving your home a huge internet exposure. No matter where you live in Palm Beach County or what your home value is, our real estate agents will make a spectacular listing, which will be syndicated to real estate websites on the internet for a huge listing exposure. This attracts buyers from Canada, Europe, and around the US who wouldn’t necessarily see your listing otherwise.

Getting Value After Your Home Valuation

Your home valuation will help you to know if you’re comfortable selling your home with that target value in mind. Once you decide tosell your home, we will be ready to give it a huge marketing campaign. Following your free home value report and with your permission; one of our real estate agents will create a virtual tour video, a portfolio of pictures, and a spectacular MLS/syndicated listing. Those are values in themselves, however, we decided that in order to be the best broker in Palm Beach, we should institute a marketing program that other brokers are afraid to match. Likewise, we developed our 10,000 post card campaign to area homes. In our experience, this is the quickest way to sell your home and the best value any broker can offer.

A Quick Sale Will Protect Your Home’s Value

The only thing that will protect your home value is a quick sale. If your home lingers on the market, your home value quickly depreciates because it becomes stale on the market. We want to avoid your home from becoming stale by sending 10,000 post cards to Palm Beach County residents, because the more exposure your home gets, the quicker it sells, and the quicker it will sell, the better to protect your home’s value. Start by filling out our home valuation form on this site or emailing us today.

Create A Real Estate Portal
With a portal you are able to:
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