Tips to Keep Kitchen Remodeling Costs Minimal

Before you put that For Sale sign on your front lawn, consider doing some kitchen remodeling that can add at least $50,000 to the price tag.

Kitchen remodeling is among the most expensive remodeling projects you can choose to do. If you can keep your kitchen remodeling costs under $20,000 you are doing well. The national average puts kitchen remodels at $40,000 to over $50,000, but it doesn’t have to cost that much.

Make a Budget for Your Kitchen Remodeling and Stick to It

First, you have to make your mind up to stick to the basics. Don’t make any structural changes or changes that involve moving any plumbing, gas or electrical lines. If you plan on replacing bottom cabinets, you will most likely be replacing the flooring as well.


Before you start your kitchen remodeling project, plan and then plan some more. Depending on the condition of the cabinets, you could get away with just replacing the cabinet doors, knobs and hinges. If the cabinet structure is sound you could just sand the old finish off and apply new stain or paint, hang new cabinet doors and drawer fronts with bright shiny hinges and modern knobs or even no knobs seems to be the style these days.

If your cabinets have wood veneer facings, just replacing the facing instead of the whole cabinets can save you thousands. If your cabinets need to be replaced, stick with ready-made wherever possible and only get custom-made cabinets when absolutely necessary.

Counter tops

When doing kitchen remodeling, new counter tops can be quite expensive, but you are on a budget so stay with it. Modern laminate is the most inexpensive way to go and today’s laminate mimics sophisticated materials, like granite, realistically without mimicing the price tag. Laminate also resists staining, scratching and chipping. You can get eight feet of laminate for counter tops for under $100.

Ceramic tile comes in so many styles, colors and textures that you could get just about any look you want. You can get the look of concrete, granite, quartz and more, without spending anywhere near the cost.


Instead of opting for ceramic tile or wood, consider vinyl flooring, which can mimic both quite well.

Similar advice goes for flooring: You might yearn for tile or wood, but today’s laminate and vinyl can easily mimic those looks.

Vinyl comes in planks, sheeting or tiles that mimic stone, ceramic, wood and slate. The cost of good quality vinyl tiles is around $1 per square foot. Look for clearance when shopping and go to several home improvement stores before deciding on a product.

If you home is built on a concrete slab, consider removing the plywood that is on top of the concrete and have your concrete floors stained. Stained concrete is more durable than any other flooring material and maintenance is super simple. Just look at these beautiful stained and stamped concrete floors.

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There are not too many short-cuts when it comes to appliances in a kitchen remodeling plan, but you can up the selling price of your home by installing energy efficient appliances. If buyers know they are going to get instant and long-term savings on their energy costs, they are more likely to spend more on the home.

The best way to save money on high-dollar appliances is to ask to see floor models they are willing to sell. Just about any place that sells appliances are more than happy to get rid of floor models on discontinued manufacturer models. Appliance dealers will usually let floor models go for a fraction of the price on the tag.